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Design and function of a functional earth system in copper-based networksUncovering the impact of incorrectly designed equipotential equalisation systems.

Typically in network installations such as PROFIBUS, a functional earth facility is provided by a direct connection to the protective earth of the installation and is not evaluated separately. Appropriate standards and guidelines such as EN 60204, DIN EN 50310 and VDE 0100-444 describe the goals of a functional earth system yet problems still arise.

Using practical examples, this workshop will uncover the impact of incorrectly designed equipotential equalisation systems and will also demonstrate how to evaluate the level of interference within the potential equalisation system.

Presenter: René Heidl, Indu-Sol GmbH

Rene studied Electrical Engineering in Berlin. He was a founding director of Indu-Sol, a company that provides solutions to ensure industrial automation systems running fieldbus- and industrial Ethernet technology operate correctly.

The company was founded in 2002 and has grown to 100 employees and annual turnover of 9 Miliion Euro’s.

Find out more at the Conference. Click here to register.

Rene Heidl of Indu-sol will be at the PROFIBUS and PROFINET conference

Rene Heidl of Indu-sol


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