IO-Link Vendor Member Benefits

These valuable benefits are available to members of PI UK at Vendor Level or higher

Item Cost for Vendor Member (Euro) Cost for non-member (Euro) Saving  (Euro)
Licence Fees granting 3 Years use of/access to the following:

·         Company-specific Vendor ID,

·         Access to current specifications,

·         Use of Trademarks and Logos for licensed products

For IO-Link Master 0 3000 3000
For IO-Link Device/Device Family 0 1500 1500
For IO-Link Master – after any necessary re-rest 0 3000 3000
For IO-Link Device/Device Family – after any necessary re-test 0 1500 1500

NB: The above prices do not include any fees to be paid to the Test Centres for their test service and issuing of reports.