Certified People

PI's Certified Entity LogoCertified Engineers or Installers can utilize the “Certified-logo” to confirm their status.

Their names are also listed on the PI web site so that end users seeking support for their PROFIBUS or PROFINET networks can easily find a suitably qualified candidate. Using certified staff ensures that work is performed to the highest standards and by qualified personnel who are fully briefed in the latest techniques.

Check this link to find a listing of Certified People worldwide. 

The Value of Training

Although PROFIBUS and PROFINET are well established and easy to handle technologies, training is essential for those who are involved in and making business with this advanced automation technology. Training gives confidence, which makes the work less stressful and safer.

Therefore PI, in cooperation with the Regional PI Associations and the PITCs, provides formalized training courses for persons seeking to become certified engineers or installers of PROFIBUS and PROFINET equipment.

The Certification Courses are intensive training programs lasting for up to 5 days depending on the topics covered. Attendees who pass the final tests receive an official PROFIBUS or PROFINET Certified Network Engineer or Certified Installer Certificate. The course provides a mixture of theory and ‘hands-on’ problem-solving exercises. During the training courses the participants have also the possibility to talk to the instructors and to get individual advices about the best way to proceed.

Check this link for a list of upcoming certified training courses.