W03 – PROFIBUS Diagnostics, the techniques and equipment

A practical session that allows attendees to get hands-on with real devices on a real network. Featuring a DP+PA network consisting of two … More

W06 – Design and function of a functional earth system in copper-based networks

Uncovering the impact of incorrectly designed equipotential equalisation systems. Typically in network installations such as PROFIBUS, a functional earth facility … More

C07 – PROFIcloud and PROFINET

Collating and integrating performance information from multiple locations. The Problem: Businesses now require performance information from different locations, this must be collated and integrated … More

C08 – Updated Planning and Commissioning Guidelines for PROFINET

Essential quality criteria for planning and validation of PROFINET networks For PROFINET devices the quality criteria that are checked within … More

C02 – The future of PROFIBUS/PROFINET technology

Future trends and their impact on the networks of the future. Presented by Xaver Schmidt, PI’s expert on PROFINET, this … More

C03 – PROFINET for Machine Builders and OEMs

PROFINET is widely accepted and well proven in plant engineering. This is because a lot of PROFINET functions were defined … More

C11 – PROFIsafe, Considerations for Functional Safety and Security

Why functional safety is important for modern control systems. The presentation will firstly discuss why functional safety is important for … More

C05 – The specification and use of PROFIBUS networks in the UK water

Find out why PROFIBUS became the preferred water industry serial communications protocol … Roger Marlow’s presentation will start by discussing the … More

W05 – Basics of setting up PROFIBUS-PA networks

How to Implement PROFIBUS in Process Plant. Using application-based examples, this workshop addresses key points for consideration in the use and installation of … More

C10 – Benefits and Future of PROFIdrive with PROFINET

Advances in Newspaper Printing with PROFINET and PROFIdrive PROFIdrive is well established as “The Drive Profile” for frequency converters, positioning drives … More