Cisco adopts PROFINET for The Connected Factory

Great news for PROFINET!

Cisco adopts PROFINET for The Connected FactoryHere’s a brief extract from Cisco’s newly published white paper, as recently announced in The Industrial Ethernet Book:

“Resilient Automation Network Infrastructure

The Connected Factory – PROFINET solution provides a perfect match between the PROFINET protocol and an MRP-based resilient network architecture. PROFINET-based industrial automation applications are time sensitive; network services, applications, devices, and equipment are each dependent upon command and control traffic delivery within very tight time constraints for network-induced delay. …

The Cisco Connected Factory – PROFINET solution defines a resilient network architecture for industrial automation applications and devices running on the plant floor, utilizing the MRP protocol as the ring’s state-aware protocol. Each of the validated PROFINET architectures consists of industrial automation devices, such as robots, sensors, actuators, and drives…”