Profibus and Profinet International to Start Encoder Certification Procedures

Ensuring the Interoperability of Drive and Motion Control Applications

Profidrive logoTo ensure that everything runs smoothly in drive technology, clean interfaces between all components involved are required. The long-established certification process of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) ensures that users around the world can rely on uniform and interoperable communication and application interfaces. To further ensure the interoperability of drive and motion control applications, certification of products with the Encoder profile will be available starting immediately.

The Encoder profile belongs to the application profile class and, together with the PROFIdrive profile, defines uniform interoperable application interfaces for the different fields of use of drive technology and motion control based on PROFINET and PROFIBUS.

For a fully-automatic sequence and an automatic evaluation of test cases, the proven PROFIdrive profile tester will be used for the encoder certification test. A special test script set was developed for encoder certification, which is available for the latest profile tester version and controls the test sequence and the test evaluation for encoder devices in the test system. This increases the quality, reduces the test effort, and keeps certification costs low.

Like the PROFINET tester, the PROFIdrive profile tester with the encoder test scripts is also available to PI members as a free download. Encoder manufacturers thus have the opportunity to use the test system during development so that the certification test can be performed on a pretested device. The certification test will be performed by experienced PROFIdrive test labs.

Companies interested in obtaining the PROFIdrive profile tester will need to be members of PI. mailto:uk or call on 07872 376286


Editorial Notes

PROFIBUS and PROFINET International

PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) is the largest worldwide operating automation community and responsible for PROFIBUS and PROFINET, the two leading industrial communications technologies in automation today. The common interest of the PI’s global network of vendors, developers, system integrators and end users is technical development and international promotion of these open fieldbus technologies. Currently, around 50 million PROFIBUS devices and 10 million PROFINET devices are installed worldwide. PI is supported by 26 regional associations (RPA). This global network shares a common interest in a larger installed base, further development, and application of PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Under the PI umbrella there are over 50 active working groups responsible for the development, standardization, and increased market presence of PROFIBUS and PROFINET. In addition, there is a global PI network of accredited Test Labs as well as Training and Competence Centers, which meet international quality standards.

PROFINET, the globally leading Industrial Ethernet standard, is the only Industrial Ethernet standard that offers full openness for TCP/IP traffic combined with deterministic real time behavior for motion control application. Especially with the broad range of profiles, such as PROFIsafe, PROFIenergy and PROFIdrive, it is well prepared to serve as a backbone for Industrie 4.0 and Industrial IoT.

PI UK is funded entirely by UK member subscriptions. Our mission is to support UK industry in taking advantage of the opportunities for increased productivity, lowered costs and global standards afforded by embracing PROFINET and PROFIBUS. Membership is open to any person or company with an interest in the implementation of open standard industrial communication standards.

More information is available on PROFIBUS and PROFINET from, PI’s global website, where technical, marketing and sales information can be found, plus an on-line catalogue of over 2500 products.

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