PROFIBUS UK at the Sensors & Instrumentation for Test, Measurement & Control exhibition

How do PROFINET and PROFIBUS fit with the Industrial Internet of Things?

Sensors & Instrumentation show logoThe PROFIBUS Group will be presenting 2 papers in the technical sessions at this year’s Sensors & Instrumentation for Test, Measurement & Control exhibition. The presentations will be focused on the significance of PROFIBUS and PROFINET as enabling technologies for the Industrial Internet of Things:

PROFINET, Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things – Peter Thomas, Control Specialists

This presentation on Wednesday 30th September sets the scene by answering the question: IOT, IIOT, Industrie 4.0 are becoming popular topics of conversation, but what do they mean and where does PROFINET fit into the equation? The presentation explains this and provides a clearer idea of the benefits of using PROFINET as part of an overall move towards these concepts, collectively known as the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Industry 4.0 at the Sensor Level – Simon Sumner, Pepperl + Fuchs

This presentation on Thursday 1st October covers the various levels of sensors (high tech, intelligent and commodity) and the challenges associated with getting these communicating both ways in/out of the IoT. At this level the challenges are about balancing communications IO functionality with device cost. It also addresses the future and how the IoT is reaching farther down into the commodity sensor layer and the concepts for ‘next generation’ low end connected devices and what value can be added. ProfiBus/Net are the most supported interface methods in P-F’s high tech sensors solutions.

About the Sensors & Instrumentation show

Now in its 6th year, this focused event reinforces how important instrumentation is for the design and implementation of measuring, monitoring and actuation systems and in data acquisition and processing, which now plays a major role in many technological areas, including certification, control and information.

Sensors & Instrumentation will offer visitors the opportunity to source the products they need from the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. Just click here for an up-to-date floorplan and full list of exhibitors.

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