C07 – PROFIcloud and PROFINET

Collating and integrating performance information from multiple locations.

The Problem:

Businesses now require performance information from different locations, this must be collated and integrated so the data can be analysed across various PROFINET systems, this can be challenging for hardware connectivity as well as the engineering.

Current State of the Art

Current solutions for such tasks are often based on VPN connections and / or parent  IT systems which provide this data. This brings many disadvantages:

  • Very time-consuming
  • Difficult to manage
  • Highconfiguration effort
  • Highcost of the hardware

The Solution

Bring the PROFINET to the cloud. This combination fundamentally simplifies remote control tasks from proven standard automation and the latest information technology.

Network devices and also features an industrial PROFINET network can be shifted to the cloud. This results in a multitude of new possibilities for automation solutions based on PROFINET, for example compute-intensive functions are transferred to intelligent central processing units by information from cloud services integrated into the application.


Dipl. Ing.  Lutz Herrmann, Product Manager PROFINET Technology, PHOENIX CONTACT

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