C08 – Updated Planning and Commissioning Guidelines for PROFINET

Essential quality criteria for planning and validation of PROFINET networks

Xaver Schmidt will be at the UK PROFINET ConferenceFor PROFINET devices the quality criteria that are checked within the scope of the device certification are described in published specifications, standards and test specifications. Interoperability is protected by both the specification and the test procedures in the cooperation of the devices. From practical experience in the realization of network arrangements it appears that beside the device qualities also the planning quality and the quality of the validation of a whole arrangement can have an influence on the functionality.

In the task force CB / PG3 “Installation Guidelines” the suitable planning directives and introduction directives are now integrated into the quality criteria for the planning and validation of the PROFINET networks. The methods, measuring procedures and also the background will be fully explained.

About the presenter:

Xaver is the leader of the Factory Automation Marketing Working Group of PI. He is now responsible for the market launch of PROFINET, after PROFIBUS integration.

This includes the collection of the requirements, coordination with the technical Working Groups and the market launch of the system functions of PROFINET and the manufacturer-enclosed marketing activities in PI.

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