C14 – PROFIBUS and PROFINET – A perfect match made in Karlsruhe

The PROFIBUS and PROFI­NET communication pro­tocols seem made for each other

James Powell, author of Catching the Process Fieldbus
James Powell, presenter

– which isn’t at all surprising, since good relationships are built on communication and hav­ing a lot in common. Their affiliation seems to have been fated from the start though, as both were created in Karlsruhe, Germany through the co­operation of groups from all around the world. This presentation will go over similarities between the two protocols highlighting how easy it is to move from one protocol to another.

When either combining PROFIBUS and PROFINET into the same system or moving from PROFIBUS to PROFINET, an end user is going to notice a number of similarities that will make moving from one to another very easy. During this presentation James will be going over the following:

  • Shared history and organization
  • Similarities in Setup procedure
  • Shared Identification
  • Similar communications priorities
  • Similar data maps

Presented by James Powell, P.Eng., Senior Product Specialist, Industrial Communications, Siemens AG

Note: Suitable for beginners

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