W05 – Basics of setting up PROFIBUS-PA networks

How to Implement PROFIBUS in Process Plant.

Connecting PROFIBUS into Process ApplicationsUsing application-based examples, this workshop addresses key points for consideration in the use and installation of PROFIBUS in Process applications. Points covered include:

  • Overview of basic Process application networks and the role of instrumentation and connection technology to control elements within the plant
  • What are hazardous locations and why they are  important to consider when designing control loops into the plant environment
  • How to connect PROFIBUS DP and PA devices located in hazardous areas and the best and safest practices when connecting field devices to the Process network
  • Define the differences between using PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA and explain the different technologies available for converting PROFIBUS DP to PROFIBUS PA
  • Highlight the importance of physical layer network diagnostics and how this data can enhance plant uptime and facilitate the ability for predictive maintenance
  • Explain and give application-based examples of PROFIBUS being implemented in Process applications

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