C10 – Benefits and Future of PROFIdrive with PROFINET

Advances in Newspaper Printing with PROFINET and PROFIdrive

Dr Andreas Uhl to speak at UK PROFIBUS & PROFINET ConferencePROFIdrive is well established as “The Drive Profile” for frequency converters, positioning drives and high performance servo drives at PROFIBUS and PROFINET. The PROFIdrive and ENCODER profile offer a unique and standardized interface for all kind of motion applications. With PROFIdrive it’s easy to run drives from different vendors at the same control system or to exchange drives without changing the application program. So PROFIdrive brings a lot of benefits and money saving to drive based automation projects.

The presentation gives a general overview about use cases and application classes defined for drives and motion control devices in the PROFIdrive and ENCODER profile. Also basic functionality of the interface and clock synchronous operation is explained.

Case Study

To show advantages of PROFINET and PROFIdrive in practice, a case study with a newspaper printing machine is presented. Highlights of this case study are the operation of more than 1000 axis in angular synchronism and the use of media redundancy protocol MRPD.

The presentation will close with an outlook about the future evolution of drive technology with PROFINET.

Presented by Dr. Andreas Uhl, Siemens AG

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