C04 – Avoiding pitfalls in PROFINET RT and IRT Node Implementation

Shedding light on PROFINET node development

Hans Dermot DoranDespite the availability of Real Time Ethernet in general and PROFINET in particular for many years there is still insecurity regarding the necessary hardware and software effort required to implement and certify a PROFINET node. This presentation aims to shed some light on node development based on 10 odd years practical experience in the development of PROFINET technology.

The presentation starts with some generic performance characteristics of Real Time Ethernet in general and PROFINET in particular. To satisfy these characteristics particular architectures are required and we enumerate these detailing the pros-and cons underlined with performance data and some experiences in the field.  We finish up by discussing some future themes and their ramifications for the node developer.

Presented by:

Hans Dermot Doran, Head of Real Time Ethernet Research Group & Professor of Communication and Information Technologies, Institute of Embedded Systems, Zürich University of Applied Sciences