Gala Dinner Entertainment

Dennis van Booma will be at the UK PROFIBUS and PROFINET conferenceOne of the highlights of The Conference is The Gala Dinner where delegates have the opportunity to meet and network with the industry’s VIPS and experts. Held on the first evening, the 23rd June, the dinner is always well attended and characterised by a few brief speeches that set the tone of the evening.

This year we’re delighted to welcome one of our Industry’s best known personalities to entertain and enlighten us. Dennis van Booma, originator of the PROFItrace will be, for once, talking about something else entirely. Dennis will be discussing Networks and Trust, about which he says “Selling and supporting PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks is what we do daily. But we are also very much involved with another type of network; our social network. This is NOT Facebook, but an invisible network which is fully based on trust. It’s the only channel to transmit and store tacit knowledge.”

“I’m going to take you on a journey in the world of networks and trust which is very much alive in our business environments. It will be entertaining and a great learning experience that can be put into practice immediately”,  says Dennis.

We look forward to seeing you there.