C13 – PROFIBUS and PROFINET Network Design

Good quality PROFIBUS and PROFINET training

has been widely available for installers, maintenance technicians and engineers for many years. Unfortunately, key decision makers – managers, system designers and system integrators are quite often less well trained than others who are involved in the engineering. Many of the mistakes that can be seen in installations are traceable to fundamental design decisions that were taken at the early stages of the project.

This presentation explores the key considerations in PROFIBUS and PROFINET system design. Aspects such as system performance and maintainability of different designs and layouts are examined together with overall project costs. The presentation will also try to shed some light on the often asked question should I use PROFIBUS or PROFINET?

Finally, an overview will be presented of proposed PROFIBUS and PROFINET System Design courses.

Presented by Andy Verwer, Verwer Training & Consultancy Ltd