Accredited PROFIBUS Companies use only Certified Installers and Engineers

A Mark of PROFIBUS Excellence and Integrity

Accredited PROFIBUS Company
Example of one of the earliest certificates issued

Responding to many requests from members and PROFIBUS users, the PROFIBUS Group has created a certificate for UK member companies that undertake to  use only Certified PROFIBUS Installers supervised by certified PROFIBUS Engineers in all of their PROFIBUS projects. 

Companies are only entitled to display the Certificate if they are current members of The PROFIBUS Group UK – check here to confirm – and employ a sufficient number of Certified Installers and Engineers to carry out their PROFIBUS projects. 

Check here to search the list of Certified Installers and Engineers to verify individual qualifications.

Accredited PROFIBUS Companies

Contact The PROFIBUS Group if you would like your company to be similarly accredited in the UK.