Instrumentation Scotland & Offshore Systems – September 3 and 4

Instrumentation Scotland & Offshore Systems welcomes the continued support of The PROFIBUS Group.

Located in the heart of the Offshore industry in Aberdeen, the exhibition brings together the many companies who supply products and services specific to the offshore industry in addition to others representing processing, power generation, paper, distilling, water and waste, and marine engineering in north east Scotland.

With the offshore sector employing many contract workers, time is certainly money and Instrumentation Scotland and Offshore Systems offers both visitors and exhibitors an excellent way to network in an informal environment, within their own region. Free lunch is on hand to encourage a lunchtime visit from even the most time conscious visitor! Face-to-face discussions, free presentations and demonstrations allow both visitors and exhibitors the chance to understand each other’s requirements and act on them.

The PROFIBUS Group will be presenting on several subjects at the event including:

PROFIsafe Basics – An introduction to PROFIsafe including how it works, why we need it and what it means for functional safety

Presented by Peter Brown, Functional Safety Specialist, Siemens and

PROFINET – Applying the Ethernet Standard to Industrial Automation.

PROFINET is considered to be natural evolution of PROFIBUS DP from a serial fieldbus system into Industrial Ethernet. It gives system developers the opportunity of combining the robustness and proven functionality of PROFIBUS with the flexibility and performance of Industrial Ethernet. PROFINET has a number of advantages over PROFIBUS such as more flexible topology options, higher performance capabilities, the opportunity of operating plant in a more efficient and cost effective way and downtime reduction due to increased redundancy capabilities and a reduction in the time taken to replace faulty devices.

Presented by Peter Thomas C.Eng Eur.Ing MInstMC CONTROL SPECIALISTS LTD

For further details of the exhibition:

Please contact Jack Burrows, tel:01822 614671, or visit