Certified OPC Training comes to London November 25

The OPC Foundation is a global automation organization having close links with PI.

For example, the FDI (Field Device Integration) initiative in which PI plays a leading role utilises the advanced features of the Unified Architecture (UA) technology of OPC.

Certified OPC Professional Designation
Certified OPC Professional Designation

OPCTI offers excellent practical OPC training leading to Certified OPC Professional (COP) accreditation. They’ve arranged a full week of training in London from 25 to 29 November with special discount terms for members of The PROFIBUS Group.

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The courses follow a modular format designed to enable students to attain full familiarity with the contents both in theory and in practice. There are four levels of attainment covering the full range of OPC capabilities. All four levels will be delivered in the Accelerated OPC Workshop format which is ideal for people who need to learn about OPC but have time and budget constraints. Students cover the 4 distinct courses detailed below in a shortened time-frame of 1 week.

The modules cover:

Level 1: OPC and DCOM Diagnostics

Students learn about OPC and how to troubleshoot and repair DCOM problems. The class covers the most common OPC specifications: OPC DA, OPC HDA, OPC A&E, OPC UA, and OPC .NET. Students also get to practice OPC concepts such as client/server architecture, tunneling, bridging, and redundancy.

Level 2: OPC Security

Students learn how to secure their OPC implementation by configuring their firewall, Data Execution Prevention, Windows Authentication, Access Control Lists (ACL), Windows Services, Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) implementation, and how to continuously monitor the health of their real-time communication system. This enables plants to comply with IT, industrial, and federal regulations.

Level 3: OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA)

Students learn the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) set of specifications. The hands-on class covers the security model that enhances Classic OPC capabilities. Students explore OPC UA’s data information model and data transportation, which now use Web Services and binary protocols to eliminate reliance on Microsoft’s DCOM technology.

Level 4: Advanced OPC Projects

Students learn advanced integration project requirements that affect machines, plants, and SCADA. They setup firewall ports to enable OPC communication. They setup a VPN to tunnel through firewalls and NAT. Students also discuss FAT and SAT (Factory / Site Acceptance Testing) to comply with IT, industrial, and federal regulations.


OPCTI provides hands-on training and as such, each student receives their own dedicated computer for the duration of the training so they can complete all the exercises on their own. Students are also permitted to bring their own laptops. OPCTI provides all the necessary software licenses. The software used is from various vendors to expose students to a variety of solutions and ensure a vendor-neutral message.



Taking place in November in London the week of 25th November, each module costs £1495. Discounted pricing is available to students taking all four modules in the Accelerated Workshop format or for companies sending 3 or more people to the same module.

There are also special discounts for members of the UK PROFIBUS Group.

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