Practical Aspects of PROFIBUS in Process Seminar, Coventry Aug 20

This highly practical free seminar addresses the key issues

Andy Verwer in full flow

arising from the use of digital fieldbus communications technologies in process and hybrid industries.

Covering the use of PROFIBUS in key application areas such as Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas today, it focuses on the practical aspects of using PROFIBUS in process industry applications from system design and hazardous area considerations through to maintenance and fault-finding.

With 50% of the seminar time dedicated to live demonstrations and most of the remainder taken up with practical advice based on actual experience, the programme will be of great value to Instrument Technicians/Engineers, C&I Engineers and System Engineers involved in design, operation and maintenance of modern process plant.

Presentations include:

  • Introduction to the Manufacturing Technology Centre
  • PROFIBUS for Process – an introduction to PROFIBUS DP/PA and PROFINET
  • PROFIBUS DP/PA network design and component selection
  • PROFIBUS DP/PA network health checking
  • PROFIBUS device configuration and device commissioning using FDT/DTM and EDDL based tools. Live demonstrations
  • PROFIBUS profiles
  • Process control loop optimisation using PROFIBUS PA devices and tools. Live demonstration
  • Optional tour of the MTC workshops