ProfiTrace Combricks and ProfiHubs to be demonstrated at PROFIBUS UK Conference

PROFIBUS UK celebrates 20 years since formation

Procentec will be hosting demonstrations of its ProfiTrace analysers

COMbricks modular repeaters and other network equipment by UK Distributors Verwer Training & Consultancy and Hi-Port Telecom.

The very successful Procentec A5 and B5 5-way ProfiHubs and single channel B1 Repeaters will also be shown. These  widely used components, particularly in UK Water Industry project, are complemented by the modular COMbricks repeater range which integrates network health checking, with automatic incident reporting and remote access facilities, to a comprehensive set of PROFIBUS DP, PA, RS-485-IS and Optical Link modules.

Examples of all of these devices will be shown and supported, together with advice and explanation of how they might most effectively be deployed.

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