Maximum PROFINET performance with standard Ethernet Controller

Press information – Cost-effective solution for PROFINET with IRT

PROFINET - the world's best selling industrial Ethernet standard

KW-Software is introducing a cost-effective PROFINET solution based on a Standard Ethernet Controller that includes isochronous real-time communication (IRT). This is very good news for PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI), the international trade association behind PROFINET, who view this as a major step for the further growth of PROFINET. Up until now, only defined ASICs or FPGAs provided this degree of accuracy and precision. Now users can receive the same performance with a standard Ethernet component. 

“The market launch of the PROFINET solution on a Standard Ethernet Controller such as the one from Intel is an important step towards high-performance solutions,” affirmed Karsten Schneider, Chairman of PI. “When technology suppliers offer easy-to-integrate solutions in the form of ASICs, network controllers, or FPGAs, device manufacturers can use these in turn to offer new solutions for customer requirements. KW Software’s solution rounds out the technology portfolio. It has always been possible to integrate PROFINET with RT communication on standard Ethernet controllers. From now this is also possible for IRT. This means that device manufacturers now have scalable and suitable options for integrating PROFINET in their devices and controllers. This also demonstrates the openness and market acceptance of PROFINET.”

“For users, it means there is now a very broad palette of controllers and devices to choose from.”

PROFINET is the leading Industrial Ethernet Standard for all industries. Whether the application involves factory automation, process automation or drives with or without functional safety, PROFINET is the first choice across the board. PROFINET is supported by most vendors world-wide and hundreds of devices are available. PI welcomes the solution with a Standard Ethernet Controller from Intel as an easy way to implement PROFINET Controllers and expects further products to emerge as a result – especially for PC based platforms.

Readers in the UK can find out more about PROFINET (and PROFIBUS) at the PROFIBUS Groups’s 20th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition, taking place on June 26 at the Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford on Avon. Full details can be found on the Conference website at


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Find out more about PROFINET (and PROFIBUS) at the UK’s 20th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition, June 26 at the Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford on Avon.

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