New video shows how PROFINET can help reduce downtimes up to 50%

PROFINET is fast and allows very short cycle times

PROFINET Graphic– down to 31.25µS – hence rapid diagnosis is essential for the reliable operation and high productivity of the system. 

This new video shows how

PROFINET diagnostics can be used to reduce down times by up to 50% with standardised error messages accessible on engineering systems, diagnostic tools or web browsers. Tablet PCs and smart phones also make remote diagnosis possible. 

Before and After example

The video shows a “before and after” example, featuring 2 production lines and an engineering room, addressing questions arising from an error such as what happened? who is affected? where is the error? It shows the processes involved to answer these questions the old way and then compares how the diagnostic process is simplified and sped up, simply and effectively in the case of the PROFINET installation.

PROFINET – Best in Diagnosis – Best in Availability!

Find the PROFINET Diagnosis video on our You Tube channel´ PROFItelevision

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