Find out about WIMES and Lightning Surge Protection at Profibus UK Conference

David Bray, Chairman of United Utilities Fieldbus Steering Group 

will begin with a brief overview of United Utilities and its usage of Profibus networks and devices. It will briefly explain that WIMES is large suite of specifications jointly developed by a group of water industry companies and the range of plant and processes that the specs cover. The presentation will go on to highlight the relevance of WIMES 3.02 and 3.02A Specifications to Profibus network design and installation. It will further explain that WIMES is referenced by and is subject to and may be modified by the particular water company’s ‘in house’ specifications for Profibus networks.

Note that the presentation will only apply to copper based Profibus networks.

Points to be addressed

  • A brief introduction to lightning phenomena.
  • What Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) are and how they operate.
  • Highlight and explain where and why they should be used on copper based Profibus networks.
  • Provide comment on what may happen to devices on the Profibus network if SPDs aren’t used
  • Show and comment on actual examples of Profibus SPD site applications, both the good and not so good.

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