New format for PROFIBUS UK’s Conference Workshops

The Workshops will follow a new format of multi-vendor collaboration led by experts

Hands-on workshops at the PROFIBUS Conference
Hands-on Workshops

To be presented at the Stratford Manor Hotel on 26th June, the PROFIBUS Group’s 20th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition will feature a highly informative series of hands-on workshops covering PROFIBUS and PROFINET system design, device configuration and commissioning. They will demonstrate the use of popular tools and techniques for health checking and trouble shooting. A variety of products will be connected and configured into demonstration PROFIBUS and PROFINET systems in front of the audience, much like the “plugfest” concept seen in Germany.

Here’s the current line up:

  • PROFIBUS device configuration and PLUGFEST.  An opportunity to bring  along your PROFIBUS device and incorporate it into a working system – Andy Verwer, VTC
  • PROFIBUS Health Monitoring – Dennis van Booma, Procentec and Dale Fittes,  Hitex
  • PROFINET Configuration and PLUGFEST.  An opportunity to bring along your PROFINET device and incorporate it into a working system – Manjit Ojla & Andy Williams,  Siemens
  • Ethernet and PROFINET Frame Analysis. Practical hands-on use WireShark to look at Ethernet and PROFINET frames – Peter Thomas, Control Specialists and Peter Jüngling, Softing
  • PA Device set up and Commissioning using FDT/DTM and EDDL based tools – Andy Smith, E+H and Mark McCormick, Siemens Process Control
  • PROFINET permanent/static monitoring  – Peter Jüngling, Softing and Peter Brown, Siemens

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