PROFIBUS Training – Just 3 places left – Manchester, September

Covering Certified PROFIBUS Training to Engineer Level including Certified PROFIBUS Installer, Commissioning & Maintenance modules and finally the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer Course, the course follows a new modular format designed to help students reach their fullest potential in just 5 working days. The scheduled break enables students to better assimilate the knowledge gained from the pre-requisite Installer course and the Commissioning & Maintenance module and to be fully prepared for the Engineer course itself.

Delivered at our PROFIBUS International Competence Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University, each course can be taken individually or as part of the full set, depending on the candidates’ existing qualifications and ability.

The next opportunity to take these is on 13th September for the Certified Installer and 14th September for the Commissioning and Maintenance course. These are followed by the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course scheduled for 3 days commencing 17th September.

To register please email or call me on +44 207 193 8018 to check availability for this or future opportunities.

Ann Squirrell, Administration

PS – These courses can also be delivered at your premises for groups of 6 or more. Ask me for details.